Sunday, April 26, 2009

more odds than ends...

we had a great weekend
the only problem?
went by way too quickly!

friday night was our school's
family fun night
lots of families and lots of fun!
the kids were in heaven...
and once i got home
and put my feet up,
so was i!
long day!

saturday brought beautiful weather
and what a better way to spend it
than to clean out the garage and attic
in preparation for a garage sale???
this proved harder than i thought!
we pulled down 6 large rubbermaid tubs
3-4 of which were filled to the brim with
baby/toddler clothing.
what an attachment i had to them!
but i was also not happy that they
were not being used
so the decision to get rid of them
was easier!
i sorted through and chose some
the rest will find a good home
just not ours!

today, the big girl
had a tea party to attend
so we painted her toes and curled her hair
and she chose one of her fave dresses...
is it really possible that she is this big???

while she was having tea and, well, snacks,
i treated myself to a movie
the soloist
very good
but i think i am still processing it
staggering to me that there are over
90,000 homeless in la
and really, we could all be considered
only a few bad steps away from that reality,

this post is it for me for the week...
i leave on tuesday to attend
outdoor ed with my students
yes, you read that correctly
my class of 30 6th graders
overnight from tues through fri.

let's just say i have a gift cert
for a massage and facial
that may be promptly
cashed in on sat!

i thought of having some guest
bloggers fill in for me
but, um, too much thought and work...

in their stead,
you might be seeing some
repostings here...
let's just call it the best of mommy's take!

until the weekend...


missy said...

have fun on your trip.....or should i say good luck?!!?!?!?!?!

angi_b72 said...

Have a great trip!!! Livy looks beautiful!!!

Rachael said...

have a great trip!