Monday, April 20, 2009

{a week in reverse!}

yes, i said reverse...
we are going to review
our spring break in reverse!
for no other reason than
that is what is freshest in my mind
don't laugh,
you know you can't remember 7 days ago
just like i can't!

saturday, april 18:
happy birthday dad!
we were heading back
to cali on this day.
after visiting with
some more friends
we hit the skies for flight
one of two for the day,
and took what might have been
the worst flight ever!
you know, like
student-driver kind of bad!
i hope i never experience
40 minutes of that hell again!
the rest of the eve, uneventful...
except for the tailgate incident...
poor fella!

friday, april 17:
who doesn't like a good partay?!
in celebration of mom and dad's

60th birthdays,
we invited some friends and fam
and partied!
in the garage i might add
cuz that is how we do it in
the midwest!
but before any partying could happen
the grass needed cut

and the food needed prepped

oh, and the kids needed
reminding every 10 min
what time the party started
they are their mother's kids
they can't resist a good party!

once the festivities got under way
there was much cornhole to be played
{did i mention that earlier in the week
i actually suffered cornhole calf?
it is not yet a diagnosis on web md,
but wait for it, it'll get there!}

and what's a party without
a pinata???
no funniest home video
worthy clips, but funny

and the guests of honor
had some fun party gear to sport!
and what good sports they were!

it was so good to see
friends and family
and everyone had
a great time!

instead of the traditional
we topped the night off with:

which always prompts me to yell out

and i am not sure anyone
partied harder than this little guy:

he literally passed out on the couch!

it was such a fun ending to
a great week long visit back home!

happy birthday mom and dad!
love you!

updated: i forgot to mention:
i met a blogger friend too!
kim over at, i know, right?!
lives in my hometown
so we met up at my parents party...
she is also irl friends with my sister.
the best part was that
my brother was in disbelief
that i would meet up with a
blogger friend, and at the house no less,
and wondered if she was a murder!
so we played a joke on him and
had her walk out of the house wielding
a LARGE knife!
not sure he knew what to think!
so good to meet you kim, you sweet gal!


missy said...

how fun!!!!!!
oh the we play!!!!
so glad you got to spend time with family and friends....and a blog friend none the cool is that!!!!!

angi_b72 said...

great post Lori!! Those pictures are great too! Loved seeing you guys!! I miss you!!
lol at the Cornhole calf...and about bro being in disbelief about the "stranger"...too funny. Good times!

Mighty M said...

Such fun! Gotta love kids that play until they pass out! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Lori, we had a great week with you guys and it was just wonderful to have all of us together again...I wish it could be more often..I think the kids liked that too...thank you again for the great party and my Ipod shuffle which I use all the time. Love you all and your post was cute! mom