Thursday, September 18, 2008

mommy's turn

you surely didn't think i would wait until next week to attempt my phone call...

so today, feeling like i could use some extra time at work without my dear first grade daughter lurking and saying, " mommy look" every 10 seconds, i did it. i know, it wasn't dinner and margaritas with the gals, but it is a start!

i simply said:
"the son needs to be picked up by 4 and then come get the daughter."
and of course he said, "okay, no problem!"
WHAT!?!?!? so i could/should have been doing this sooner?

anyhoo, i sense that he was making up for the other night...
when i got home:
kids fed: check
kitchen cleaned up: check
homework started: check

now, plan B, work this in more often! but next time, i promise myself a more social outing, not standing at the copy machine at school!

1 comment:

Kathleen said...

Next time, make it dinner...:)

Remember, if mama ain't happy--no one is happy!

Sometimes, a clean kitchen is all I need to be happy. (I know that sounds "Donna Reid-ish" but it is true!)