Friday, September 26, 2008

nobody said this job is easy!

my girl
love her to pieces
she is our oldest
big sister
'sissy' as he calls her
often times
especially lately
i ask myself if i am harder on her
than on him, the baby of the fam
i don't mean to be
don't want to be
it happens
makes me sad
if i feel it
she must
i have been listening to myself
do i ask her to do something
the same way i ask him?
does my tone change?
does she hear that?
why do i expect so much more from her?
she is older/oldest
bigger than him
but not by much
but is that fair?
i am so aware of my words with her
i want her to hear
you're special
my girl
she deserves that
i don't want her to grow up
feeling she was treated different
they are different
yet the same
they are my kids
i love them
i know she knows that
i hope she feels it too
i will work on it
my voice will show her
i am her mom
not perfect
but learning
love you livs!


mom said...

she knows she loves you and mason--but unfortunetlly (can't seem to spell that word) we tend to be harder on the oldest to be more resposible and to show a good example and I think we forget that they are still small and maybe once in awhile they would like to be the baby lots of kisses and hugs and alone time with mom and dad may help...just my opinion..hope it helps. lots of love, mom

mom said...

correction: she know you love her.

mom said...

i like your new layout too. mom