Wednesday, September 17, 2008

wednesday woes

just a few observations thus far this week
excuse my complaining in any of them
i rarely do that on here
but it is my blog
i'm entitled if i want
  • and yes, this is first because it is heaviest on my mind...WHY is it that, in general, mommies do not have the luxury of calling home at 4:59 PM and saying, "Hey, bossman x asked y, z, and me out to dinner. I told him I'd talk to you first." Okay...first, he knows i am not going to say no...i'm not that wife. but it comes down to this...i could NEVER call from my place of work and say, "Hey, teacher gal x asked teachers y, z, and me out to dinner." that is too much for a daddy to handle. but you know what...i think i am going to pull one of these real soon...and y'all will be the first to know how it goes! did i mention i was putting a pot of chili on the stove when he called? (fyi...there will be no rebuttal here from the man of the house, just so you know!)
  • mason, God love him. he has been struggling with nice hands at preschool in the last two weeks. he gets a sticker at school on a chart for using nice hands. when he gets all 5 in one week, he gets a prize. week 1, four stickers; week 2, (this week), no sticker today. on the way home, i asked him to tell me why he didn't get a sticker. he would not. but he did inform me that he wanted to watch a cartoon when he got home. i said, "sorry son, no sticker at school, no cartoon when you get home, that is how it works." to which he replied, "well, if you say that to me, i will not be your cuddle bug anymore." i'm not worried though, he can't resist a good cuddle!
  • and lastly...olivia started CCD at church today after school. (every weds) (for those of you wondering what that is...christian education basically) so she tells me they were working on their pictures and the girl sitting across from them tells she and her friend to shut up and that their pictures are ugly. oh, and did i mention this is the teacher's daughter? details, details. hopefully they will learn more christianly behaviors than that!

well, that's all folks

my mind feels better

the scoop of chocolate ice cream i ate while posting didn't hurt either...

maybe that's why my pants ripped the other day!


Anonymous said...

I think I hear your phone ringing....its teh girls asking you out to dinner!!
Just make sure it is a busy night at home when you go out to dinner! That will make it all worht while!
Love and miss you!

Anonymous said...

oh that comment was from me...Angie...i forgot to log in!! lol

lesley said...

Funny! I wish we still lived close, and we could have Chipotle or Juseppies when Kelly wsnt home!!!

mom said...

I agree with Lesley.. if you guys were here we could all go out a couple xs aweek and daddy and grandpa could entertain the kids!!! love you, MOM

Blogger Julie In Atlanta said...

I can't wait to see when you call home and say that the colleagues are going out to dinner and you are joining them! Just do it, I think as moms, we are just too chicken. Good luck