Sunday, September 21, 2008

we're off to see the wizard...

our very small local theater is showing free movies on the weekends this fall. this weekend was The Wizard of Oz. it's a good day when you can take the whole fam to the movies for 10 bucks, (snacks are a must!) mason sweated his way through the movie, as he had some tylenol for his fever just before the movie, but enjoyed it anyway!

so leaving the movie, hubby and i were in agreement that it is truly a work of art! i am sure i saw the movie no less than twice a year growing up, but seeing it as an adult...well, just a fun experience. are some famous one liners from the beloved Oz...which is your favorite?

now, for some Oz trivia: did you know...

  • The "oil" that was used to lubricate the Tin Man was not really oil. It was discovered that oil would not photograph well, so they used chocolate syrup instead.
  • Shirley Temple was first considered for the role of Dorothy.
  • Buddy Ebsen had been cast as the Scarecrow, and now switched roles with Bolger. But the aluminum powder makeup for the Tin Woodsman was toxic and Ebsen apparently had an allergic reaction to it as well. He left the picture, but his voice can still be heard in "Off to see the Wizard".
  • Judy Garland's dress and blouse were in reality not white but pale pink. True white did not photograph properly in Technicolor and made the blue of her checked dress seem too bright.
  • Many of the Wicked Witch of the West's scenes were either trimmed or deleted entirely, as Margaret Hamilton's performance was thought too frightening for audiences.
  • During the haunted forest scene, several actors playing the Winged Monkeys were injured when the piano wires suspending them snapped, dropping them several feet to the floor of the sound stage.
  • According to lead Munchkin Jerry Maren, the "little people" on the set were paid $50 per week for a 6-day work week, while Toto received $125 per week.

for much more Oz trivie, click here.

and finally, before the movie, olivia wanted to be the wicked witch, now she wants to be dorothy. mason still wants to be the lion. should be a fun halloween!


Anonymous said...

Emily was Dorothy one sparly shoes and all...too bad we don't still have the outfit!
Wouldn't it be neat to see the Wizard of Oz with all of the deleted scenes? That would be cool.
Hope Mason is feeling better!

Blogger Julie In Atlanta said...

Sorry your guy is sick! I LOVE the wizard of oz...we saw it for my 6th birthday, and a couple girls got so scared they had to leave the theater! ahh memories! I love it when the lion jumps through the window.


Anonymous said...

you know I love the w of o.. we watched every time it was on..did'nt we...I like when the witch was melting and saying "I'mmelting" have to use the voice. Love you all, mom

Buzz Stephens said...

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