Saturday, September 13, 2008

wwyd? (what would you do?)

so today, i took the little man to the movie theater to see a free showing of shrek.
before that we went to the post office.
back at home, i notice...
A GINORMOUS hole in the A** of my PANTS!
ok, these pants, a fave of mine, were washed to death
that is what i tell myself, instead of thinking me rear is growing!

i have NO idea if it happened when i was at home
or if i exited the theater flashing the folks behind my
with my bright white undies!

the tear started along the seam of the pocket
and went south from there
frighteningly large.
how the hell did i not feel a draft?

so here is my question...
if you saw some poor woman
walking out of the post office
or out of the movie theater,
would you tell her she is flashing the world?

PS no picture with this post folks!


mom said...

I WAS waiting for a picture!!!!!!

lesley said...

Oh thats funny!!! I bet some other people got a picture!!!! I like the background!!

angi_b72 said...

omg that is too funny..and sad to say, I am not sure I would have said anything...would you have told a complete stranger that she had a whole in her pants?

* TONYA * said...

okay, you really needed to share a picture of this ... I would have LOL.

Lets just go with it happening as you were getting out of the car.

I would definitely have to tell you if I saw you. I'd want somebody to tell me.

Gibson Twins said...

Oh my gosh- that is terrible!!

I would never say something if I even saw it (hello, preoccupied with tantrum prone toddlers! lol), but I'd be afraid that the person would think I was staring at their ass!

I had someone tell me I left a tag on my shirt before. Least it was at the grocery store though so they knew I wasn't stealing it!!