Wednesday, September 24, 2008

one man's trash...

is a teacher's treasure!
i was at our county office of education today, and the nice gals in the curriculum and materials dept were cleaning house! for those of you who are not aware, textbook publishing companies package their teacher's edition kits in some pretty creative, snazzy, colorful, yet wasteful, boxes. recently, i have noticed some publishers moving towards a dual purpose container...kudos!

so these nice ladies were lining MANY of these dual purpose, and not so dual purpose, boxes up in the hallway to be disposed of.
enter...teachers on a lunch break from a workshop. like moths to a flame, we flocked to the piles and this is what i got...
...two little rolling boxes, kid sized! olivia got the yellow one with the green pouch around it and mason got the school bus. perfect for toy clean up! since most all of their toys are in their rooms now, they can bring them out in these and return them in these!
of course, daddy has not seen them yet...he loves my teacher scavenger ways!

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Anonymous said...

that is what I was trying to do...change my background, but the whole thing gets all jacked up when I do it?