Friday, October 17, 2008

a hairy situation

sorry, couldn't help myself with the title
i was tagged by my blog friend kathleen
i have been asked to reveal my worst
hair cut!
lord, there have been so many, where to begin?

let's see...
most recently, i got a trim
and apparently, she cut my hair blind folded or something
got home and one side was literally an inch longer than the other
hard to hide when it is framing your face!
i tucked it behind my ears for a week until she could get me in to fix it
she was speechless when she saw it
she should have been!

let's dig back deeper
5th or 6th grade
cyndi lauper was my idol
attended catholic school
so no way in hell i could dress like her!
next best thing? have her hair!
i got it cut short on one side and left it longer on the other
on purpose this time!
i am pretty sure no photos exist
and i am quite certain that my mom let me do it
knowing i'd soon return to rectify the situation
i hated it
it was only a matter of days and i got it cut
what was i thinking?

okay, and somewhere in between cyndi lauper and a few months ago...

is this less than stellar decision!

senior pics
middle of the big hair craze
i had the double whammy
short big hair
and i love how the photog decided to accentuate it with the back light
and what is with the look on my face?
come on, don't be afraid...share you're worst hair moment!


lesley said...

lol!! i dont remeber the cyndi lauper!

Lori said...

consider yourself saved then!

Riayn said...

In the 7th grade in 1987, I had a spiked fringe (bangs). Yeah, that was pretty bad.
Also went the spiral perm about a year later which on me wasn't a good look at all.
The 80s were a really horrible time for hair.

Kathleen said...

Cyndi Lauper rocked, though with catholic school and all I bet it wasn't as cool with out the color...

I personally went for the Go-Go's, Melinda Carlisle look myself. Great story! You look angelic by the way.

Anonymous said...

oh i remember...she was, "angie's younger sister" in school!! lol It was quite brave I will give you that!!

Love ya

nikkicrumpet said...

NOT that I mean to laugh at your short big hair...but that is a funny post! I'm gonna have to try this one! THanks so much for stopping by my blog on my SITS day. What a blast it's been meeting so many new people!

lesley said...

funny your friend kathleen sd you looked angelic!! I could tell them some stories!

Lori said...

so the word angelic did make me laugh, out loud...and i have some goods on you too...maybe

lesley said...

angelic would be the word to describe me!

Kathleen said...

I said "looked" angelic.... hee hee.

Boring weekend resulted in another meme, come play the movie quote game.

Aubrey said...

*shudder* I just can't do it. Maybe someday.
You are a brave woman and good sport!

Blogger Julie In Atlanta said...

LOVE the pic, we were out of town all just now enjoying your glow.

* TONYA * said...

Seriously I think if I posted my bad hair shots, my computer would literally die of laughter and we can't have that now can we.