Tuesday, October 7, 2008

random ramblings

nothing unusual going on here
get up
go to work/school
come home
and on it goes
here is what has been happening in between:
olivia's teeth
2 are loose
one hanging on for dear life
dentist today
showed her how to really work it
tooth fairy may visit soon!
mason's cuddling
lord is this kid a cuddler
and i love every minute of it!
he is my 'cuddle-bug'
i'm his 'cuddle-mommy'
he has made a habit
getting in our bed in the night
i oblige him
we cuddle back to sleep
i asked why he comes in
he said
"mommy, we can't cuddle if i am in my bed and you are in yours!"
well said big guy!
mason learned
'eenie-meenie minie mo'
except he is missing a few words
cute as can be though
my dvr is getting full people
no time to watch anything i enjoy
too tired to stay up late
took the day off this coming thursday
mason's preschool field trip
to the pumpkin patch
can't wait!
halloween costumes
intended on wizard of oz
got to costume store
went with pirates!
yo ho ho!
both pirates
very cute
pics later!
that is about it
unless you want to hear about
the laundry
the dishes
the poop needing scooped
the floors needing swept
you get the picture!


lesley said...

sounds like an eventful week with the teeth!! how musch does the tooth fairy pay these days??

Gibson Twins said...

You are busy, busy, busy!!
I so wish mine would come sleep in my bed more often! They will come in for a little while but then realize that my bed is better for jumping on and immediately cuddle time is over and they've both taken over. Fun...

2 teeth in one week!! I bet she's thinking "jackpot"!! lol

mom said...

Grandpa said he could pull those teeth for Liv..don't think she would like that--do you? I would love to cuddle with Mason and olivia!! Miss you guys alot. love and kisses to you all! mom