Sunday, October 26, 2008

saturday surprise

warning: no pics for this post
close your eyes and imagine...
oh wait, if you close your eyes, well read on,
make a picture in your mind!
so we thought we were due for a date night
we have been on ONE since June
sad; very, very sad.
we made time to have one last night
it was a surprise
i even made him wear a blindfold in the car
my directionally exceptional hubby
felt the setting sun on his face
guessed we were heading due west
and we were!
i made him take the blindfold off
when we reached the train
we would take into the bay area
once we got to the city
we took a cable car to the pier
where we found our destination:
we had a window seat over looking the bay
the window was open
in came the fresh bay breeze
we feasted on a sizzling platter of mussels, shrimp and crab
it was heaven!
we walked the pier
ate ice cream
marveled at the barking sea lions
jockeying for a position
in which to call it a night
bought some sourdough bread
good stuff
we made our way back to the train station
bought tickets at the kiosk
and waited for our change to drop
and drop it did!
i thought we were in vegas
coin after coin hit the metal tray
it was music to our ears...
then we remembered we were not in a casino
but at a ticket kiosk
we were now the proud winners of...
five dollars in nickels...
that is 100 nickels folks!
after we were done laughing at our fortune
we scooped them by handful
into my wallet
my purse was instantly 10 pounds heavier!
even though we didn't hit the jackpot
we were big winners of an awesome night out...
love you honey!


Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

Awww! That's so sweet!

Thanks for stopping by my blog from SITS. And for a weather update: it's 50 MPH wind gusts and about 33 outside.

Trade ya...

4under3 said...

Oh!!! A blindfold!!!? That's so great. The last time I blindfolded my hubs was---don't think sick--when I took him to his first pedicure with me. He really loved it.

What a great time you had. I'm so glad. Now, what's scheduled for next week's date?


yertle said...

Wow, that sounds so wonderful. It might be time for a date night around here too.

Jaden Paige said...

That is so great! Good for you, getting out for a parents' night :D Glad you had such a great time- the restaurant is beautiful!

Laura Beard said...

Good for you!!! I love reading your stories, you are such a fantastic writer! And I know the 'meeting' story, but I love reading it, it should be a movie!!!!

gingela5 said...

Oh that sounds like SO much fun! Date nights are always the best! That reminds me--I'm due for one soon!

* TONYA * said...

What a wonderful night. So jealous.

Aubrey said...

What a great night! Isn't it nice to get out. Alone!