Sunday, October 19, 2008

like going to confession...only more fun!

playing along with mckmama...

to begin with

i most certainly did not

stay in my pajamas ALL day yesterday...

cause how gross is that?


i also did not carry around a certain

white trash bag and dispose of toys and toy parts

that i am sick of picking up, stepping on, or asking 'what is this?'


i would never do such a thing.


i did not take a 2 hour nap in the middle

of both weekend days,


how lazy would that be?


Gibson Twins said...

Okay well since you started it....
I took a nap the last three days every single time the kiddos did! haha and I realized at the store this morning that I had not a) showered or b) put on socks before shoes. NICE. But my kids looked outstanding.

For the photo cards, I did my Christmas cards- though I did not fess up to that because really, who has them done already?!

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

And I didn't spend all day on the computer, writing, blogging and visiting blogs, cause that would be so anti-social.

Thanks for swinging by my blog the other day to say hello, SITSta!

- Margaret

Jade, Will and Illy said...

hahaha I like this meme and I had never seen it before :D Great idea! And, who would blame you on the toy front? That is, IF you had done that. Which, of course, you didn't...

Aubrey said...

Very gross, very bad, very lazy. Good thing you didn't do any of that!

Blogger Julie In Atlanta said...

Wow I need some naps!

* TONYA * said...


and I didn't not shower for 2 days

and I didn't spend most of today with my butt planted firmly in my computer chair