Thursday, October 9, 2008


last night
cleaned my purse out
it should be called my 'mom' bag
'cause 90% of the contents
not mine
couldn't tell you what all was in there
so, what lurks in your bag?


4under3 said...

Hey..I sent you this, but it came back to I'm leaving it here.

Ok. That is soooo funny! He's got a thing for clothing. There's nothing wrong with that, now is there.

I remember when Luke was a couple of months old. My husband's cousin just had their second and they were dressing their children--for the next day--the night before. We laughed at it thinking it was ridiculous. Ha!! Now we do it all the time!


And, some of the things in my bag..

my wallet
fingernail clipper
3 diapers
travel wipes
little girl hair clips

Anonymous said...

dirty kleenix
gum wrappers
fingernail clippers
pictures from out trip to calif.
and no MONEY!!!!
love you all, mom

Lori said...

yes, well, of all the crap in there, can you cash!? sad, very sad!