Monday, October 27, 2008

so inspired to sew...

i have a confession

i do not sew

not a button

not a hole

and surely not a stole

but i have always wanted to

here is the proof:

bought at a friends yard sale

4 years ago

used it once

attempted to sew a princess skirt

fell apart a week later!

as a kid

mom and nana sewed

cute dresses for

us girls

i don't aspire to be a designer

but can i just sew something?


and i could say

yeah, i sewed this

so here is my goal:

we have a week off school in november

i will sew something

you might see it here

daughter tells me tonight

she wants to be

little red riding hood

on story book character day at school

that's this week...

the pressure!

how hard can a cape be?

any suggestions for the sewing challenged?


lesley said...

Yeah,go to walmart!!! Good luck!!

Lori said...

hee hee...i wish...why pay 20 bucks for a damn cape when i am sure i can make it cheaper...well, if i knew how to make it! details details!

* TONYA * said...

Sewing challenged here too. Sorry.

Tiffany said...

I wish I could sew.

I have all kinds of great ideas, but no skills to back them up.

My mom was an awesome seamstress, but didn't pass it on...

* TONYA * said...

Look what I found on the Crafty Crow this morning

gingela5 said...

No clue how to sew. My suggestion is to take it to a seamstress! haha

mom said...

move back home and I could teach you in no time...sounds like a plan...right? love ya, mom

Jaden Paige said...

I know nothing about sewing. It's another one of those great skills that I wish I had and keep telling myself I will learn, but never actually DO anything to try and achieve said goal. Someday, I say... Someday..

Best of luck in sewing the cape! I'm sure you'll figure it out. :D You'll have to show us the finished product!

Aubrey said...

I can't sew and like you, SO wish I could. I'm anxious to see what you come up with!

littleeverydaythings said...

Good luck sewing something! I just turned a sweatshirt into a Luke Skywalker tunic on my sewing machine :) Have you looked online for some basic sewing instructions? I found you on SITS - I'm going to check back to see what you come up with :)

Jaden Paige said...

I tagged you for a quick meme if you want to play along :D

4under3 said...


Then, after you're done with your cape, we can get together and make bags. They are sooo cute.

Oh, wait. Drats. That won't happen now will it?

Hold on! Did I already tell you that I have family in Tracy, CA?
That's not far, right?


p.s. Anyways, good luck, Martha!

4under3 said...

Oh, yea...and I tagged you.


Anonymous said...

Emily is taking sewing right now in her life skills class...she could give you some pointers!!