Friday, October 31, 2008

happy hurling halloween!

happy halloween!
i do love me some trick or treating!
only in america
can the promise of some candy
draw families out in droves
to go door to door!
first, thanks for all the love
and encouragement in my sewing endeavor!
and while i know you are all anxiously awaiting
to see the final product...
you'll have to wait a bit longer.
the sewing machine is still resting on it's shelf
let me explain:
i found a pattern for the little red cape
looked easy enough
although in the back of my mind
i knew i'd screw it up
so on the way to the fabric shop
i took a detour to the resale shop
and while i did not find a cape,
i did find a raggedy ann style
which olivia fell in love with
and at 8 bucks and the prospect of no sewing?
here she is after her storybook character day at school...
so while she was taking her spelling test
dressed like a doll
her brother was enjoying his harvest party
at preschool
although, his day was cut way short!
i got a call at lunchtime saying
he was getting sick
throwing up
i should have known
something was up this morning
when our never-miss-a-meal son
didn't touch his breakfast
daddy picked him up and took him home
he was free from the throes of hurling,
but only for a short while
the poor little pirate was in no shape
to beg for candy
so the big pirate and i

braved the gorgeous 70 degree evening

and collected enough candy for the both of them

plus some!


Blogger Julie In Atlanta said...

What a deal on your costume! You know, I am a novice a machine last year, hadn't sewed since girl scouts and I made some bible covers for a group at was an easy way to learn to use the machine...just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Too cute!! The girls were at their dads for Haloween this year...but we dressed up at work...I will post it today!! What a riot!!


TMI said...

aaaar matie! Cute costumes!!!

Mamarazzi said...


Jaden Paige said...

cute costumes! I love the Raggedy ann idea- and what a bargain!