Tuesday, November 25, 2008

hold onto your laptops...

here goes...
i have many pics
to share with you
scroll on down
to see a few!

this was a lazy saturday a few weekends ago. nice pink cell big guy!

same weekend...first 'cold' weekend.
the very next weekend...back to shorts
and feeling full of energy...
lots of prep goes into being such an astute jump roper!

mason is a champion frisbee thrower...no really
he rocks!
keep your eyes open buddy!
even these came out to play!
my once completely dead geraniums
got a second wind!
and today...
i had the honor of helping out
with the big guy's preschool
thanksgiving feast
what fun! and the best part...
he sincerely thanked me
about 100 sweet times for
helping with his class today
he's my sweet boy!

and this pic...is just because...
i finally used a gift card
i have carried with me
for over a year
for a cute gift shop
i got the plant and pot
and it is a perfect
addition to bar in the kitchen...


Carrie said...

Love the jump rope regimen!

lesley said...

I love the Thanksgiving pics and Livy"s legs are soo long!!

angi_b72 said...

You really need to get that boy a different color phone...too cute!! Miss you guys!!

Jaden Paige said...

Great pics! Happy Thanksgiving!

Aubrey said...

Those pix are too sweet! I love his Thanksgiving gear! LOL Fun, fun!!

mom said...

Lori, they look so cute and they are so growing!!!Miss them and you and Kelly more than you know!!!!
mom... Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!