Wednesday, November 19, 2008

lovin' the loot ladies!

i get a little me time
right after work
for about an hour
it excites me!
so imagine how excited i was
when i got home
all by myself,
a package waiting just for me!
(i will update this link soon...
her mr. linky went on the blinky!)

i was paired up with carrie
she is great
and i am suspecting she knows me...
like really, really well!
you see, she sent her favorite things to me
but, um, they are my favorite things!
and she had no way of knowing that!

let me show you!
when i opened the box
there were directions...cute!
she told the order in which
to open things

she also said
she wished
she could watch me open them...
so i covered that with a pic
taken myself, as i was home alone!

here are the goodies before opening:

here is me relishing in our favorite things!

and here is a close up of the loot!

now, you be the judge...
does she know me or what?!

package #1: starbucks card...
and she recommends
the ONLY drink i ever get from there!
yep, a grande white chocolate mocha!
and she says
the pumkin cream cheese muffin is good!
i will let you know!

speaking of pumpkin:
package #2:
she told me about how she loves
everything pumpkin, except pie
OMG! same here...i can eat
pumpkin anything...
just not the pie please!
so she gifted a pumkin reed diffuser!
smells yummy!

package #3:
how did she know i have an addiction:
hi, my name is lori
i have an addiction
to burt's bees lip balm!?
she apparently has the same issue!
many tubes of it
can never find one when you want it
so i am stoked to have another!
(and, um, she will be excited too...
when she gets hers! hee hee!)

package #4:
sour, sour, and more sour!
that's how i roll!
she came through in a big way!
i love her for them!
(and so does the son,
who keeps sneaking some!)

package #5: drum roll please!
she handmade a bee-uuuu-tee-ful
i now have four that i wear, um,
a lot
in fact, people notice
how much i like scarves
this one is divine!
(and, did i mention...
it is our local h.s. colors? neat!)
i have had it on all evening!

what can i say? carrie rocks!
thanks carrie!


everyday mom said...

WOW that was an awesome package of stuff. You were above me on SITS so I thought I would stop by and say HI.

I am having a giveaway you might just LOVE, stop by and check it out.

You can send that starbucks card to me if you like LOL

Mamarazzi said...


seriously Carrie ROCKS!! and how cool that you guys have so many favorite things in common. i hope this is the beginning of a beautiful bloggy friendship!! AWESOME!!

hopefully mr. linky will get it together soon!! poo!

love the scarf and isn't the loacl high school going to the finals?!? AWESOME!!

everyday mom said...

Thanks for visiting my site, I live far away from my family too so they were a big blessing to me

Aubrey said...

Fun, FUN! How did I miss this swap. Dang it!

You got some pretty fab stuff there! Enjoy!

Kori said...

Awesome stuff. Loving ya'll favorite things too.

Jamie said...

Yay, wasn't that fun! I LOVE Burt's beeswax too, I'm tellin' ya I couldn't live without it! :-)

Jaden Paige said...

What a fun little swappie!

I would be reveling in those fab gifts, too!! Have a great day!

Rhea said...

Good stuff! I love swaps. They're so much fun! Just a SITSta coming to say hi!

Knit Purl Gurl said...

What a fun swap!! Love the blog..sharing some SITSta love!!

cornnut32 said...

how fun! i love my scarf too. :)

{Ashley B} said...

pretty stinkin' awesome!

heathersister said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

That swap sure looks like fun. My sister has done that before.

Go, Ohio State!!!

Melissa said...

How fun and what awesome stuff you got!