Sunday, November 23, 2008

temperature check please!

UPDATE: a hunting we will go!
we are wimps...
we ventured outside
it was beautiful
warmer outside!
so we went hunting!
that's right, hunting!
have you seen these items?

we found every single one
around our neighborhood!
the kids had a blast!
they got a sticker by each item
as they found it.
and they want to go on another
so, um, today
i will drive the 'hood again and make more lists!

so, our first 'winter' in ca,
we chuckled at people
wearing coats
bundled like it was cold
hubs and i both grew up
in cold winters
like snot-freezing
eye-watering cold
and now, well
we are cold!
it is 45 degrees
and we are cold!
sad i know...
and really not so cold
we know...
but here we are:
in front of a fire
drinking hot drinks
layered in clothing
baking and cooking to heat the house!

needless to say,
our bodies have acclimated!
we no longer chuckle at the bundled people
we are those bundled people!

and we joke with each other
about our inability to
a 'real' winter right now

and the kids?
before we moved
the big girl would cry
in the cold
no joke!
and the boy, well
too young to remember it.

we are taking them
up the hill in a month to go sledding
this should be fun!
you will more than likely find us
around a vat of hot chocolate
yes, we are acclimated!

(and to our family and friends
who we have spoken to lately
who are really experiencing cold...
more power to you!)


Anonymous said...

I love the cold...the more clothes you can put on to cover our "fluffy" bodies!! lol

Love and miss you

lesley said...

toughen up!!! I hate the winter, so you are lucky! You have a fire going when it is 45 degrees? sheesh!

mom said...

45 degrees is balmy here in Ohio..I love the winter all cozy in the house..with the fire going and the pets laying around..soo homey!!! miss you all, mom

Mamarazzi said...

we love this kind of cold. we have not turned on the heater or lit a fire yet and still have all of the doors and wndows open during the day. i only just yesterday added a blanket to the bed.

VERY fun hunt!! you are an awesome mommy!!

Mamarazzi said...

i forgot to tell you...i left you a little love over on my blog.

you. are. welcome.

Jaden Paige said...

I am not a big fan of the cold... but sometimes it's pretty. Like that first real snow. And when everything gets covered up and you have to dodge icicles that might impale you otherwise. :)

We are already down in the 20's here, girl! Be grateful for 45. lol...

Amanda K said...

Thanks for visiting me and leaving me some SITSa Love!! I hate being cold, the only good thing about being cold is fuzzy socks!!

Aubrey said...

Oh, I know that cold! I grew up with it and I'll probably grow old with it! *sob*