Tuesday, November 11, 2008

tuesday's this n that...

first, happy veterans' day!

to all who served or have served our country

it is an honor to honor your service to our country!

(personal thanks to dad, hubby, brother in law and sister in law!)


Homemade Holiday: Craft #2

as promised, i have another fun craft for a homemade holiday gift. i hit the craft store this weekend and got to work on a few things! here is one of them...

personalized cork board squares

i made this one with a teen in mind, but would be perfect for tweens, teens, and heck, adults too!

supplies are simple:

cork board squares, dark ones for more contrast

craft paint

stencil and brushes

the good thing about working with these squares...they have two sides, in case you mess up, and the paint wiped off very easily when needed!

the challenge...since the surface is pitty in some spots, you have to carefully plan your design. also i suggest using a somewhat simple, larger graphic stencil, comes out better than a smaller, more intricate one...trust me, i tried! and they came in a package of four, so she may even get two more, or they might for another tween!

here is the finished product! i like how it turned out! these are for a gal whose room is pink and brown. what a neat place to hang movie tickets, notes, photos, drawings, etc!


update on craft #1, the marble magnets: one word, okay, maybe two: hole punch! i am currently in search of the right size, and am sure it will make the task much easier! will post picks as soon as i finish a set!

and look for craft #3 in the next few days...working on it as we speak!


Anonymous said...

love those!!


Lori said...

you like? I thought they turned out good, and I think she will like them...hope she doesn't see them!

Anonymous said...

she won't know they are for her if she does see them

Mamarazzi said...

oh i looooove this...i might do these for my niece and nephews! VERY cool!

Jaden Paige said...

Very cute boards! I really like the idea, might have to make one for my kitchen!

Aubrey said...

Wow. Those look great!

I'm still anxious to see how your magnets come out!