Tuesday, December 30, 2008

100th-post post!

in honor of my 100 post

100 things about moi:

(in no particular order, except for #1)

1. i.love.sleep. need i say more? i am a head-hits-the-pillow-and-i-am-out type of girl. hubs very jealous of that. in fact, i still nap on the weekends with my big guy!

2. my favorite number is 8. if i ever ask you to pick a number between one and ten, do yourself a favor: pick 8.

3. i love to read. but in high school, i was a fan of cliffs notes. after all, what teen wants to read something they are told to read for pete's sake. and i remember wondering if they made cliffs notes of the cliffs notes.

4. ime a gould spellar. reely. it iss eaze four mee.

5. i enjoy baking a good cookie, but i have no self restraint! i will eat the dough. i will eat cookie after cookie. it is ugly, but oh so good!

6. i am one of 4: an older sister, a younger sister and a baby brother.

7. i went to the same school and grew up in the same house my whole childhood.

8. i didn't have my first job until i was 18. (not counting babysitting)

9. i played at least two sports a year in high school, and hated running, strange combo.

10. i injured my knee while getting dressed for my hs pe class. bum knee still haunts me to this day.

11. i popped my knee out of place while furniture shopping with hubs at 6 months pregnant. same knee as above.

12. i was given an office job on campus my first quarter at ou and i worked there everyday for 5 years until i graduated!

13. i remember making a face behind the priest's back while drinking the wine during my first communion.

14. i cannot drive a stick shift.

15. i so desire to be on the amazing race with my best friend kristy...hope she can drive a stick shift!

16. i have never seen the sound of music, miracle on 34th street, it's a wonderful life, star wars, or star trek. and i am okay with that. (hubs is not)

17. i could not pronounce my 'r' in early elementary. this is a problem when you have an 'r' sound in your name!

16. i enjoy driving. not sure why. just do.

17. my first date with my ex-husband was spent watching schindler's list. perhaps that should have been a red flag.

18. my first date with my hubs was at 10 at night at a tee jay's. a relationship built on food! how bad can that be?

19. hubs and i didn't play rummy for several years in order to avoid world war three. we are over that now. thank goodness!

20. i love brussel sprouts, spinach and lima beans.

21. when my mom and dad got dressed up to go out, the best part was getting to pick out the enchilada tv dinner in the foil tray and actually getting to eat on a tray table in the living room!

22. i love reality tv. sick, i know.

23. i love frank's red hot sauce. yumm.

24. i procrastinate. work better under pressure. and i get things done that way. except for this post, which i started in october.

25. i married a procrastinator.

26. i dream of having the honeymoon we never had!

27. the only pies i like are pecan and key lime. no fruit pies. yuck.

28. after leaving the classroom for 2 years, i returned way more organized and efficient. maybe i should leave my house for two years!

29. i love sushi. love it. there are no words...

30. i was part of a state championship winning basketball team. fun times.

31. i was the catalyst for a fight between two boys in high school, they had the same name, and i did not 'like' either of them.

32. my first car was a chevette. with a pink boom box in between the front seats to blare my cool mix tapes. i thought i was cool i'm sure.

33. i was afraid of the dark from as long as i can remember until around college.

34. i have what some, (hubs), would call an irrational fear of bugs. i have dutifully passed this on to my children. crap.

35. i love board games. life was a fave as a kid, and payday...is there a pattern there?

36. the first time i met my mother in law, i burped the word orange on accident. classy!

37. there were 42 people in my graduating class. i have lost contact with 41. i am okay with that.

38. i love turtles. not so much the animal, but the candy.

39. oj is my coffee. have to start the morning with it. day is not ready to start without it. and i like some pulp.

40. i love to fly.

41. i cannot resist buying books. something about the feel of a book in my hands. some ladies like diamonds, i like books. (well, okay, i like diamonds too)

42. i enjoy photography. i must take after my baba.

43. i enjoy a good wiener roast. but hold the toasted marshmallows.

44. i cook breakfast for dinner once a week. it is easy. what can i say.

45. i cannot resist movie theater popcorn. i don't care if i am not hungry. if i smell it, i have to have it. no willpower.

46. i can parallel park like a champ. wanna see?

47. i prefer my cookies soft and chewy. so in case you ever want to send a dozen my way, that's how i like 'em!

48. i teach 6th grade but make it a point to read a picture book to them at least few times a week. they love it.

49. i love making lists...can you tell? i don't always accomplish everything on the list, but it helps declutter my brain!

50. hi, my name is lori, and i am addicted to blogging. there, i said it.

51. when i was little and growing up in the catholic church, i thought they were singing "lori, lori, hallelujah" instead of "glory, glory..."

52. i love to wrap presents. the corners have to be just so...it is satisfying.

53. i love to eat out. we used to do it too much, but we have cut way back. i still love it when we get a chance to!

54. i like scarves.

55. my birthday is three days before my hubs. my mom's birthday is three days before my dad's.

56. i love a good mani/pedi but rarely spend the money on it.

57. i have not worn my wedding/engagement ring in three years. when unpacking boxes at this house, i bent my ring when my hand got stuck in a box handle and lost one of the diamonds. yes, it can be fixed, no i have not had it fixed. hate not wearing it.

58. i like kitchen utensils. but they must be able to multi-task!

59. i have re gifted, i admit it. but even worse, the one time i did it, i realized after the fact that i left the tag inside the box...from the person who gave it to me! oops!

60. i love socks...maybe it is because it is the only article of clothing that always fits! no matter how many cookies you eat!

61. when i was young, i loved me a good scary movie...now, not so much. in fact suspenseful movies create so much anxiety for me that i have been known to leap off the couch and scream.

62. buttered-cinnamon toast...i could eat it for every meal. yummo.

63. sad but true...there are two picture frames hanging in a hallway in our house...with no pictures in them...except the perfect model family that comes in them!

64. every time i went to confession as a child i am pretty sure i said the same thing each time.

65. i carry a blue, tall metal coffee travel mug around all day...most people think i am a coffee addict. it has never seen a drop of coffee...it holds ice water...icy, icy cold ice water!

66. i have a sewing machine sitting in my closet that i have used once.

67. i can name every teacher i ever had from K-12. weird.

68. i cannot get into the history channel. i think hubs watches for this reason.

69. i am worthless on a friday night. i crash for the evening very early.

70. i had my tonsils removed in 2nd grade. one grew back and i suffered from tonsillitis in college. imagine my surprise when the doctor told me i had tonsillitis!

71. i cannot roll my r...hubs and kids can, they try to teach me. i cannot.

72. i do not carry cash. it'd be a bummer for the robber if i was ever robbed.

73. i sliced the palm of my hand open as an adult and in my mom's kitchen. i let the big word fly. sorry mom!

74. good year...the year i was born!

75. i take zillions of photos and store them on my computer and cd's, but for some reason do not print as many as i should!

76. if i have a deck of cards in my hands i will shuffle the numbers off! i love to shuffle...thanks to my dear friend kristy who taught me!

77. i love me a good margarita...

78. except lately, i have found that i have an allergy to something commonly found in a many alcoholic bevs...and the skin on my face immediately looks sunburned and is painful and itchy! sort of a downer when trying to enjoy a drink!

79. i buy most of my kids clothing at consignment shops. love me a bargain!

80. i enjoy peanut butter in my ice cream.

81. i subscribe to three magazines, and the day they come in the mail i read them in their entirety! thank goodness they do not arrive on the same day!

82. if, and this is a big if, we ever had another child, we would have to name him/her a name beginning with the letter N...then our family initials would be KLMNO...weird, i know!

83. i have 2 full cabinets of games in our house. we like games.

84. i hated my first year of teaching. went home everyday wondering what i was thinking, being a teacher!? a change of venue and a lower grade and i was pleased as punch! i could never be anything but a teacher!

85. i love a hand written note...both sent and received.

86. i have used the same facial soap for over 15 years. if they ever stop making it my face will rebel!

87. i work more efficiently when there is background noise...that would explain why i could never study and stay awake at the library in college.

88. i love a road trip.

89. i.love.chipotle. when we moved from the midwest, i craved chipotle. it was not until this year that i found one near us...and by near i mean 30 minutes. :-(

90. the only 'musical instrument' i can play is the recorder, which i learned in 4th grade. i wish i could play something else.

91. i love to color. give me a nice sharp set of crayons or colored pencils and i am happy.

92. also a good year, the year i graduated from H.S.

93. i have a lot of black clothes. i branch out with color in a few ways, but black always seems to be involved.

94. i met my husband over the phone.

95. i could not live without my dvr. if there is something i want to watch on tv, i record it so i can skip the commercials. live tv=painful!

96. i have quite the collection of cookbooks, and don't delve into them near enough.

97. it does not bother my that our little big guy, (all of 4 years old), climbs into our bed...every night for the last 8 months. i know it won't last, so i enjoy his snuggliness. hubs, not so much a fan.

98. i love gift cards! i stew over spending them very seriously. i just used one a month ago that i received back in june of '07!

99. my favorite days are the days spent with hubs and kids. we have so much fun and make each other laugh...does it get any better?

100. i wish i had some mind blowing tidbit about me for number 100...but this is it folks, this is me!


angi_b72 said...

great 100th post!! You forgot the one about when you lit the grill and almost blew your face up! You singed your freaking eyelashes!! I thought for sure that would be there! Oh I could think of so many more things about you !! I should do a 100th post tribute to my sister - post!! lol

Aubrey said...

1974 & 1992 girl! Same here!

Your 100th rocked! Here's to the next 100!!