Friday, December 26, 2008

a day in review...

we had a great christmas here
and hope everyone else did as well!

here are a few highlights!
as mentioned earlier
the kiddos opened new jammies on the eve
here they are in their tired glory!

and here is a cute pic of daddy helping them
spread the reindeer food

onto the big morning
the kids anxiously awaiting to see what santa left!

as you can see, they got pretty lucky!

after playng for a good long time
we ventured out to the movies
to see bedtime stories
very cute and funny
and of course ate popcorn and candy,
too much of it
we headed home and feasted on dinner
and played games
then tucked the kids into their sleeping bags
for a good night's sleep
much needed!

not to be outdone by his sister's culinary creation of toast
earlier in the week
the little big guy asked if he could make toast
i operated the toaster
and then left him at the table
with the butter and cinnamon
what was i thinking?
i gave him no direction about the butter
so is it any wonder that half the stick
was on the bread when i came back in?
my arteries clogged and a hearty chuckle escaped
when i saw this...

and now...we are venturing into the world of
the easy bake oven.
wish us luck
it cannot come out worse than the moon sand i twittered about!

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angi_b72 said...

looks like they had a great Christmas! Macy has made alot in her oven so far!! The cookies are great!