Tuesday, December 2, 2008

throw me the blanket please

as noted in a recent post,
we have officially become
you know, to ca weather!
but the lows of 40 something
at night recently
have s in a quandry...
to heat or not to heat?
you see, coming from cold winter states,
i know this is not cold,
but omg
we are freezing!
i know, if this is as bad as it gets,
poor us, right?
so hubs and i have this thing going...
how long can we go without heating the house?
as we sit here...
{with warm laptops on our legs
drapes closed
fuzzy socks
and a nose warmer, well, okay,
maybe not a nose warmer,
but only 'cause i can't find one
other than my sweatshirt pulled up!}
hubs says...
'i think i can do this'
and so the challenge is on!
now, in all fairness
we do put a space heater in
our bedroom at night...
but only because neither of us
can muster the gumption
to crawl out of a toasty bed
and into the icy shower.
so, the kids you ask?
well, they are cold too,
but layered up and tucked into bed
and by morning's light,
one of them
is always in our bed anyway,
and the other is completely
enveloped in blanket heaven
and what excites us most?
is the savings on our power bill!
what's a little discomfort
when there's a few more bucks
in the bank to go buy me a starbucks to stay warm?

so...do any of you have any tips for staying warm?
good recipe for a hot toddy anyone?
{and don't you love the retro thermostat at the top?
the house i grew up in boasted one such beauty...
and how i do miss cranking that thing until you
heard the heat kick on...}


rachael said...

well, the nights here are in the 20s. one a good night. so my advice? turn up the heat and pile on those layers :)

angi_b72 said...

just turn on the darn heat!! lol

Mamarazzi said...

Jordan often complains the house is too cold. people know to wear layers when they visit us. i crank the AC in the summer time so the winter is all about blankets and sweatshirts. i refuse to heat the house....i need to make up for the HUGE bills in the summer maintaining the swimming pool and keping the house at a nice breeeeezy 70 degrees.

my MIL in WAY worse though they live on the coast and there house is like the north pole...you can see your breathe hanging in the air. In. The. House. not kidding.

don't waste the money on heat....save it for the AC in the summer...you know it gets hotter than 10 hells here!

georgie said...

a good down comforter is one of my FAV things it is magical somehow it helps regulate your body temp-that is all I sleep with

Kori said...

I'm all about warmth. It's in the low 20's here and me being a FLorida girl and all I don't like it much. So I say turn the heat on.

Letti said...

I linve in Southern California and it has finally started getting cold here too. WE have not yet turned on our heater but I am getting really close to putting a fire in the fireplace and that usually heats the living area pretty good and taht is where everyone is.

{Ashley B} said...

i'm bad. i love being warm! i drive the hubby crazy when i sneek out of bed some nights to crank the heater up another 2 degrees. some nights here can reach below the negatives though so i tell myself it's okay! :)

Gibson Twins said...

We did the same thing you're doing too at the beginning of the crappy cold season. It didn't last long. We realized that with oil having lost approx 2/3 of its value from last year to now, it will cost minimal to heat the house. The twins use electric blankets and the kitty snuggles up to me in bed to stay warm. We leave the heat at 65 and it's still too stuffy at night sometimes.

lesley said...

you babies!! it is like 40 here today and it feels like spring!! this is the warmest day of the week!!!! California has softened you!

mom said...

okay, from your mother I suggest you get your butts home where the heat is not as expensive as yours.
you had to know I would say THAT!!
and your dad says why WOULD you need the heat at 40 degrees? you know I would have it on...but you know how hot your dad gets. come home and we will pay your heat for 6 months.lol I love and MISS you guys. PS. remember sundays we would do stuff)?

Aubrey said...

My honey is the wiener. I can survive in a cooler house longer than he can. LOL
We are getting into the 20s at night. We now have no choice but to turn the heater on.

Blogger Julie In Atlanta said...

My DH family lives out in the desert in SoCal and I was shocked when I found out how cold it can get. Drink some tea, decaf of course.