Sunday, December 7, 2008

not me monday...

playing along with mckmama...

i did not find the missing tree skirt
in the attic
where hubs already 'looked'
because had i found it
my theory would be right that he
lacks the ability to 'look' for things
so no, i did not find the tree skirt
that disappeared in the attic
i did not stow away some
candy canes
in hopes of keeping the big guy
quiet and occupied
during the big girl's dance recital.
what kind of mother would i be if
i bribed with candy?
i did not pick the big guy up from preschool
only to find that daddy had not given him
one of his stocking stuffers a little early.
i mean, yes, it is cold, for ca, but come on
the boy couldn't suffer from cold ears
for a few weeks?
and i am now not stressed because
the balance of stocking stuffers
has now been thrown off...
i had not planned on shopping again
until sometime in 2009...
yes, including grocery shopping!
we have not made a winter bed on the floor
in our bedroom for the kids to sleep on.
that would mean that we have still not turned
the heat on...
and that we are still only lighting fires in the fireplace
and using the space heater in our bedroom...
lord it's cold.
i did not feast on a big fat brownie while i was
making dinner sunday
after i told the kids they could not have one until
after dinner!
how mean and sick would that be?
i did not have some great not me monday
ideas to post today
swirling around in my mind all weekend
only to forget them
when i sat down to write this
that sucks.
in non-not me monday news...
i won
i won
i really, really won!
mamarazzi had a cookbook
giveaway and yours truly won!
and the best part is that i may even meet her!
we live in the same neck of the woods!
thanks mamarazzi!
happy 2 plus weeks until the holiday folks!


Mamarazzi said...

yahoooo. i am so glad you won. let's make plans to get together!!!

angi_b72 said...

I am glad you won!! Did you see I won a bag?

Aubrey said...

You lost me at brownie.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Congratulations! I hope you will enjoy my cookbook!!