Monday, December 22, 2008

monday's moments...

so many things swirling in my head...
so little time to tend to them, let alone
blog about them!
so here are some random things
in no particular order!
7 am this morning, i feel a tap on my arm
i roll over and there is my sweet big girl
holding two plates
with two slices of bread on each
with a grin that spread from here to eternity!
breakfast in bed!
sweet girl!
she said she could not find the butter
after telling her where the butter was,
{and how to operate the toaster}
she went back to the kitchen
but not before giving me an order to stay in bed
and to act like i saw nothing
she comes back about 10 minutes later
with buttered cinnamon toast
for her daddy and i
except, daddy was at work and she didn't realize it
so crying ensued
after some comforting and stroking of her ego,
it was decided that the toast would wait for him on the counter.
such a sweetie!
thanks for the toast honey!
love our preschool's teachers
but preschool is why i teach 6th grade
i can reason with 30 6th graders
better than i can with one preschooler
car pulls out in front of me
i hit the brakes and the horn
from the back seat
charming daughter asks
"did you almost crash?"
i say
"that guy almost hit us"
she says
"is that a yes?"
that is what this week should be called
we made the mistake of placing gifts under the tree
the big guy now officially
'does not like the holidays'
as we will not let him open the gifts
this discussion is had many times a day
always ends in a tantrum
note to self, next year place the gifts under tree
when they are in bed on the eve
it will help save my sanity!
am i one of the few people in the world
aware of their own surroundings?
because people i have encountered
in the stores
or on the road
don't seem to know that there are other people
on the planet
it is not just them!
this really peeves me!
get a clue people and look around you
before stopping in the middle of an aisle
or pulling out in front of other cars
like you are jockeying for first place
at the indy 500!
it's called consideration people!
and a little goes a long way!
try it sometime!
and lastly, you may have seen the twitter addition
to my sidebar.
don't ask me why i started this
i know you all don't want to read
but you might want to taste one here or there...
so there you have it...
from this twit!

happy tuesday!
oh...and i plan on posting my line up
of treats for my big baking day tomorrow...stay tuned!


angi_b72 said...

what a sweetheart!! Breakfast in bed!! She can come here anytime...or tell my girls how to do that!! Too funny about Mason and the presents!

mom said...

My sweeet thoughtful...tell her to come to my house and do that for grandma and ya, mom

Erin said...

How nice breakfast in bed!

Aubrey said...

"is that a yes" LOL
That was pretty funny!