Thursday, December 18, 2008

houston, we have tooth loss!

our first born
lost her first tooth
just minutes after noshing on a chocolate cookie
she was goofing off with a wrapping paper roll,
hitting her mouth on the end of it...and the rest was history!
we have been dealing with this loose tooth for a long time
she wouldn't really work on getting it out
and her two bottom perm teeth are in!
she was quite upset about the bleeding
but by the time she turned in for the night
she was over the moon
with her (mine from when i was a kid) tooth pillow
tucked into bed with her, she is anxiously awaiting
the tooth fairy's visit!
so just wondering, what does/did the tooth fairy leave at your casa?
we are old buck here baby!


angi_b72 said...

that is what she leaves here!! Good job Livy...if you loose another one you can say, "all I want for Christmas are my 2 front teeth"!!! Love you!!!

Kori said...

Teeth usually get 2 dollars at our house. Although Calob lost a tooth not to long ago that had a silver crown on it and he thoguht that surely the tooth fairy was gonna bring him 50 dollars cause you know it was silver and all. Nope she just left 5.

mom said...

When you were little (and used your brand new pillow) you and Angie got.50 but by the time Lesley and Jeffrey came along I think it went up to a $1...with inflation and all!! but I think a dollar is great! love you, mom

lesley said...

I would say $5!!!That was hard work for her!!

Kelly said...

We do a dollar unless it's SUPER loose and Mom had to convince you to just pull it already. Then the Tooth Fairy might leave you a bravery bonus!