Saturday, December 6, 2008

date night, right?

date night
gotta love it
with the kids off
at childcare night
at the preschool,
the evening was ours
it should be no surprise
that we visited our
favorite spot
miso soup, tempura, sushi
at the end of dinner
she brings us each
a piece of japanese candy
i tasted mine,
hubs tasted his
we were curious about each other's
so yes, we swapped mints!
in public!
gross right?
onto the movies
what do they add
to movie popcorn?
cause i am addicted
i don't care if i ate my weight
in japanese food
i still get popcorn
gross right?
target after the movie
we buy stocking stuffers
have fun
and then it happened
i turn the corner to the candle aisle
and there he was
a male employee
thoroughly enjoying
the scent of a box of candles
like up his nose, and around the corner
uncomfortable moment
as he reacted as if he was busted
gross right?
we are home
house is cold
really cold
and remember our no heat challenge?
still going strong!
i made the kiddos a 'bed'
on our bedroom floor
so they can enjoy the space heater too
the cozied up to each other
tired and snuggling
sweet right?
tune in for more sweetness tomorrow
liv had her holiday dance recital today
will try to post video...


angi_b72 said...

Cool....what movie did you see?

georgie said...

sounds like a great date nite!

Rachel said...

Sounds like a great evening... minus the candle incident!

Kori said...

Awesome night. And the secret candle sniffer Hilarious.

mom said...

what movie DID you see? Glad you had a nice nite out..wish I could see her me tonite so we can see how it went. wish we had our video thing for the computer set up..I'll probably have to get a new one and angie will have to set it up. Love you

Aubrey said...

Oh! I *heart* date nights! It sounds like you had a really great night!
I had my share of crack this past Friday! LOL

Mamarazzi said...

swapping mints and sushi sounds amazing!! i need a date night!

there is only one sushi place here that we have found that is good. it's in Turlock. do you know of another one we should try!? coming from the Monterey Bay area we were spoiled by all things F-R-E-S-H from the we are always on the look out for a good sushi place...pretty much our favorite food! WON!! can i hand deliver your cook book? wanna meet at starbucks or something? if you are too busy i can stick it in the mail. i know its a nutty time of year. let me know!