Sunday, December 28, 2008

automated mess

i love imagery
for instance,
i love to imagine that some cheery person
is still sitting behind a switchboard
plugging me in to the person i just dialed
that some hard working people still
stand behind the scenes at the post office
and sort our mail by hand
carefully sorting mail into little cubbies...

so imagine my surprise
when i got to the mailbox the other day
and found this little gem...

not the holiday greeting from far away that i imagined
but one mangled mess right from our own nest!
surely not sorted lovingly by hand
but instead some cold, creaking machine's lunch!
what i love is the stamp
informing me of an incomplete address
that's the least of it!

and if i knew who the recipient was,
by all means i would send them another
but i do not
so here's hoping they got at least the other half of the card!

P.S. wait for it...i am one post away from 100!


angi_b72 said...

lol...i got mine!!!
Thansk for the Christmas things!! You weren't supposed to get me anything though!! I love yoU!!

Aubrey said...

Oooh! Approaching the big 1-0-0. Have something exciting planned?!?!

Lori said...

just a little something!

Grand Pooba said...

Oh my! That has never happened to me before! You can send me 1/2 a Christmas card, I'd be happy with that!

kimber p said...

I'm STILL afraid of the'm not sure that'll ever go away :) you've got the coolest blog.. Happy New Year!

Zen Ventures said...

I just reached 100 today! Unbelievable! In time for the New Year too. I shall come back to see your 100th post. Happy New Year!

Tranquility said...

Oh - that's so sad. A missing Christmas letter of all things.