Wednesday, December 17, 2008

on the seventh day of christmas...

i wish i could report i received something exotic
like seven swans a swimming...
but not here people.
just more running around.
you know, one of those days where by backside
didn't find a comfy chair until 9:30PM
so since my mind is trying to unwind
i am going to try decluttering here!
ready for some randomness?
picking the big guy up from preschool
he professes his love for his teacher:
"i love teacher a, and she is pretty,
and i wonder what her middle name is?"
talk about random!
the kids have been bringing gifts home from school
they insist we open them right away...
so they open them for us...
here is the big guy's gift to us,
a holiday tissue holder/photo cube:

and the big girl brought home this tear jerker!

i love both gifts! too cute!
see anything amiss in this photo?
look closely...

something is attacking our holiday cards!
we actually put up lights this year...
and for some reason...cannot upload the pic
only that pic
what gives?
you are not missing much
we are not the griswald's
the heat is on people...
with temps below freezing over night
and only in the 40's during the day
we caved!
we flipped the switch!
but at least we are warm!
kajukembo is all the rage in our house right now
here is the big guy in his gi
he wears it well

it's like he transforms when he puts it on
future ninja warrior?
and here is the beauty in all her jazzy glory!
she got down to 'boogie woogie santa'
she can shake those hips!

and i will end with this...
my three favorite peeps...


angi_b72 said...

love the tissue box!! What is that on the card holder?

Joanne said...

Very cute gifts from your kids. Cute pictures of your ninja warrior boy and Boogie Woogie girl. :)

I wandered over to your blog from SITS.

Kori said...

Awww what awesome presents from the kiddos. Sweet post.

{Ashley B} said...

love the gifts! how sweet. and the card eating dino is a classic. looks like a fun Christmas at your casa.

Aubrey said...

Don't you just love the homemade gifts? Love em!
My hubby would always get his feelings hurt because Mother's Day always falls during the school year and Father's Day, well...doesn't! LOL

Joanna said...

Hopped over from SITS. Cute pictures!

Cathy said...

So sweet! I love handmade gifts from the kids! Visiting from SITS!

mom said...

love the gifts and the pictures are great--wish we could be there. miss you all terribly!!! mom